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Take this kit wherever you go and prepare for emergencies that can happen in an instant. Use this kit for practice or real life medical emergencies. The surgical instruments are stainless surgical steel and are of the highest quality. Surgical Sutures are Pre-Threaded. Items are arranged Inside of a travel size blue case.Thank you for looking!

Included in this kit:

2 - 3/0 Pre-Threaded (Silk Braided, Non-Absorbable, Reverse Cutting 20mm, Sterile)

2 - 4/0 Pre-Threaded (Silk Braided, Reverse Cutting 16mm, Sterile)

1 - 5" Surgical Hemostats (Stainless Steel, Straight Locking)

1 - 4.75" Surgical Forceps (Stainless Steel, Fine Point Teeth)

1 - 4.75" Surgical Scalpel Handle #3 (Stainless Steel, Can Be Sterilized)

2 - Surgical Scalpel Blades #10 (Sterile)

4 - Tegaderm Film Dressings 2-3/8"x 2-3/4 (Sterile, Wound Protection Seal)

4 - 2"x 2" 12-Ply Gauze Sponges (Sterile, Latex-Free)

4 - Alcohol Prep Pads (70% Isopropyl Alcohol)

4 - Surgical Lubricating Jelly (Bacteriostatic, Latex-Free, Sterile)

2 - Bacitracin Zinc Ointment (Sterile)

10 - Medium Size Butterfly Bandages (Sterile, Latex-Free)

2 - 1"x 18" Stretch Tourniquet (Latex-Free)

1 - Travel Size Blue Case

The use of items from Prepping_2_Survive, LLC. requires prior medical knowledge and training of ALL products sold to ensure proper use. Both warranties and liabilities are not assumed, either expressed or implied. The BUYER is charged with the responsibility for ultimately determining suitability for their use. Prepping_2_Survive, LLC. and it's affiliates assume no responsibility whatsoever for any liability resulting from product use, including but not limited to special, consequential, and punitive damages. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.