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Drop Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Air Purifying, UL Certified Weight 3-4lbS   
Product Description

Drop Shape Salt Lamp – Gift of Nature

Crystal Salt Drop Shaped Lamps are natural crystals of Himalayan Salt. These salt chunks are excavated from the crystallized surfaces underneath the Himalayan Ranges. The dewdrop shape of the Himalayan salt lamp is the outcome of remarkable creativity of expert artisans. They have used their hands to amend those pieces of salt into ornamental drop shaped salt lamps.

Natural Phenomenon Indoor

Crystal Salt Lamp is a natural phenomenon inside your house. You happen to preserve an antique gem which dates back to millions and millions of years. It open paths to connect with nature. The aesthetic appearance of salt lamps never dies out and is ever green.

Salt Lamp Alike Droplet

Crystal Salt Drop Shaped Lamp stands a resemblance with a crystal droplet hanged to any surface. It is a uniquely designed lamp which is incomparable with any other existing lamp.

Tip of Drop Shaped Salt Lamp

The tip of the drop shape is believed to release a continual stream of anions spreading positive energy. The tip is designed in such an incredible way that it supports to filter pollutants quickly and in abundance. In this way, a lot of hazardous energies is wrecked from the air we breathe in. This arty droplet fulfills promises of creating an enthralling zone. Its radiant glow is attention-grabbing and visually pleasing.

Multipurpose Salt Lamp

Crystal Salt Drop Shaped Lamp is said to be a multipurpose lamp. It is versatile with masses of health and environmental advantages. The salt lamp has extraordinary powers; it acts as an air purifier and dehumidifier. Apart from adding beauty, it can also be used for health and color therapy. It can be utilized in yoga, dance, music, and meditation room as well.

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