Aromar Essential Fragrance Oils 65 ml Bottle Premium Aromatherapy Oil USA Made

Aromar Essential Fragrance Oils 65 ml Bottle Premium Aromatherapy Oil USA Made


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Brand new.

Armor essential fragrance oil are high quality with scents that last for hours effectively for filling a room with a beautiful scent or simple daily relaxation. proudly made in the USA.

Caution: keep out of reach of children, if you are pregnant, nursing or under a doctors care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 10 hours after applying product. 

  • Cant decide which scent to choose? Check out our list of descriptions for each scent below! 
  • Oils can be used with a candle lit oil diffuser or even an electric oil diffuser 
  • perfect for your home, office, business!
  • Long lasting flavorful smells that you will love! 
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·         Apple cinnamon- The soothing scent of an apple orchid shrouded with a hint of cinnamon.

·         Baby Powder-

·         Bamboo Orchids- A scent blending the mixture of fruits and flowers.

·         Berry Peach- A fruity concoction of peaches and raspberries.

·         Blackberry Pie- A lingering scent of blackberries caked in a faint layer of vanilla and sugar.

·         Blueberry pie- The familiar scent of blueberries showered with the smell of sugar and vanilla.

·         Blueberry Pomegranates- A rather delicious blueberry scent reminiscent of the energy drink.

·         Butt Naked- A fruity blend that leaves you feeling as though you were on a tropical island.

·         Cabernet Sauvignon- A sweet smell that holds the scents of wild grapes draped with splashes of strawberries and sugar, followed by a hint of light alcohol.

·         Caramelized Pears- The sweetness of caramel improving upon the juiciness of seasonal pears.

·         Channel #5- A nice culmination of lemon, jasmine, with additions such as sandalwood, and vanilla.

·         Cherry Almond- The nurtured scents of almonds in a well-blended mix of cherries.

·         China Rain- A traditional Asian scent, that mixes the familiar smells of Japanese Jasmine, Vanilla, and Ylang-Ylang.

·         Cinnamon-The hot and spicy scent of grounded cinnamon.

·         CoCo Mango- A nice mixture of coconuts, and fresh pineapples.

·         Coconut- The fruity scent of fresh coconuts straight from the Caribbean.

·         Cool Water- A soothing yet refreshing scent of running water, blending with the tranquil but faint lavender and jasmine.

·         Cucumber Melon- A nice mix of crisp cucumbers and fresh melons.

·         Egyptian Musk- A delicate scent complimented by the hint of citrus and wood-like undertones.

·         Eternity Life- A prominent combination of Lavender, Sage, and Sandalwood.

·         Eucalyptus- This scent resembles that of vapor rub

·         Feng Shui- A light and fresh scent.

·         Flower Fusion- A nice combination of the flowers Roses, Jasmine, and Lilies.

·         Frankincense- A very citrusy scent, followed by soft undertones of pine and wood.

·         Fresh Linen- The familiar scent of fresh laundry, followed by a flower undertone.

·         Gardenia- The smell of the flower Gardenias.

·         Green Apple- A tart but soothing smell of green Orchards apples.

·         Honey Rose- A nice combination of rose petals, settled by a honey sweetness.

·         Innocence- The soothing blend of flowers and fruits.

·         Italian Jasmine- An alluring and romantic fragrance.

·         Jasmine- A Japanese flower resembling a romantic and alluring fragrance.

·         Lavender- Smells of Fresh Lavender.

·         Lavender Fields- A stronger scent of fresh lavender.

·         Lavender Vanilla- The tranquil scent of vanilla blended well with the fresh fragrance of lavender.

·         Lemon Grass- The smell of lemon grass, followed by a nice citrus.

·         Lily of Valley- The scent of a nice flower considered a classic in England.

·         Lotus Garden- A strong but soothing scent of a field of lotus.

·         Midnight Lover- A powerful scent mixing the smell of lavender and Jasmine.

·         Orange Ginger- The sweet but citrus scent of oranges, blended nicely with ginger.

·         Patchouli-Smells of a wood-like nature scent.

·         Peppermint-Reminiscent of peppermint leaves.

·         Plumeria- A strange but alluring mix of perfume and flowers.

·         Pumpkin Marshmallow- Smells of pumpkin spice, followed by the nice smell of nutmeg and cinnamon.

·         Raspberry- A great mix of fresh and ripe raspberries

·         Red Rose- The powerful smell of a deep inhale of wild rose petals.

·         Salted Caramel- The lingering sweetness of caramel countered by a nice aroma of sea salt.

·         Sandalwood Forest- Earthy and wooden aroma that reminds one of the outdoors.

·         Sea Breeze- The pleasant but soft scent of an ocean’s breeze.

·         Sex on the Beach- A passionate blend of fruits, lilac, and just a bit of lavender.

·         Strawberry Cheesecake- A lovely sweetness followed by the cooling scent of strawberries.

·         Strawberry Melon- A soft combination of fresh strawberries and ripe melons.

·         Sun Flower- The scent of a lovely garden on a cool summer afternoon.

·         Tangerine Burst-A lovely and strong citrusy scent.

·         Tropical Mango- The nice taste of a mango punch.

·         Vanilla Sky- The standard but always nice scent of vanilla.

·         Warm Sugar Cookies- Smells of freshly baked sugar cookies, filling the air with sweet delights.

·         White Gardenia- A nice scent of white gardenia petals.

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